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No Latest Tax in the Budget of Delhi

July 18, 2014

Now days, people are expecting high returns while they invest on a smaller note. As far as our current generation is concerned, philosophy is “invest less and expect more”. Every individual needs whatever they have wished for but when the matter comes in paying the taxes lies behind it, people usually take a back-step.
No new taxes in the Budget for Delhi has been put forward, Union finance minister Arun Jaitley declared subsidy of Rs 0.80 to Rs 1.20 per unit to small power consumers as also a swerve of events such as low floor buses, cleanliness and multi-specialty healthcare center in Rohini. 
The Rs 36,776 crore budgets for Delhi were offered in Parliament as the state is presently under the rule of the President.
Proposing the Budget for 2014-15, no new tax has been proposed in Delhi and added that more night shelters would be set up in the National Capital Territory area. A multi-specialty hospital will soon turn up in Rohini and 50 dialysis centers in the diverse parts of NCT. Along with this 4 new sewage treatment plants have been intended for Delhi.
The government has allocated Rs 260 crore for power subsidy. Protest is subsequent by Congress and opposition members over the Budget proposals. Jaitley was only proposing the Budget, which would be accepted after conversation of the matter running presently as far as the concern is mainly on taxes and Budget.


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