We at CRC, Chandgi Ram Real Estate Consultants Pvt. Ltd. – we came into being in the year 2006. We are a part of the group Chandgi Ram Nawal Kishore. The group Chandgi Ram Nawal Kishor (CRNK) was built way back in the year 1980. Since then it has offered high quality lifestyle solutions for contemporary living.
CRNK enjoys huge reserve of goodwill in the market, with its commitment to unwavering quality and customer satisfaction.The group has created projects that touch every walk of life and human endeavor, while setting new benchmarks in quality.
In the year 2006, our founder Managing Director, Mr. Satish Kumar found himself amidst a land filled with promises of a future that could only be described by the dreams waiting to be realized on it. It was then when Chandgi Ram Real Estate Consultants Pvt. Ltd. was established with the aim of turning dreams into reality. CEO Mr. Kunal Bhalla spearheaded the company by the means of making real estate easier, faster, transparent and result oriented. Today, under the leadership of Mr. Bhalla the brand has emerged as a synonym of trust and a one stop solution for all real estate requirements.
From renting property to finding the right property and from legal matters to real estate transactions, CRC's teams of experts are thorough proficient in the fields of realty, investing their industry knowledge to take care of all your A to Z requirements of real estate.
Eagerly awaiting new business collaborations, CRC is currently partnering with sunrise industries like BPOs and ITes. Well versed with the value of time and money, we are determined to make the most efficient utilization of our client's time and to provide them with the most competent rates. The brand is poised as a name to reckon with.
An associate of the CRNK group, CRC offers the best of properties to suit your individual needs. Our belief of building stronger and long lasting relationships determines us to put in constant efforts towards making improvements and providing the best to our customers. With the sole objective of earning and maintaining your trust, we strive to provide optimum lifestyle solutions.

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